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Trailing stop update
Trailing stop update
November 6, 2021 02:01 PM

Added trailing stop with full logs & stop loss view on the orders list .

Kernel update and more
Kernel update and more features
June 6, 2021 05:05 PM

Faster bot with the kernel update, compatibility with all markets and new features .

Search for coin page and more
Coin search page and more
March 23, 2021 05:02 PM

Manual trading with the coin search page, sell DCA position on signals and more !

Trading view integration
Trading view integration
October 11, 2020 05:16 PM

Control your bot with your custom trading view alerts and webhook method without any limit or delay !

Dca support
Automated and manual DCA trading
September 30, 2020 06:00 PM

Create your own targets and manage your manual or automated DCA positions on your orders list and more !

New interface and multiple exchange
Experienced & professional traders
August 11, 2020 18:00 PM

Trade now the signals from Hirn signals on Le-trader! Easy configuration and free & premium licenses supported .

New interface and multiple exchange
Added support for kucoin
July 24, 2020 02:00 PM

Trade the crypto signals on Kucoin using le-trader !

New interface and multiple exchange
New interface, multiple exchanges and more
July 17, 2020 05:00 PM

Trade now and bittrex and binance on the same bot using the same configurations and discover the new interface and features !

CQS scalping and new trading features
CQS scalping and new trading features
April 09, 2020 07:00 PM

Use now the free scalping signals from CQS with amount, volume selection and more new trading features !