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Trailing stop
New interface, Trailing Stop, Semi-auto mode and more
August 31, 2018 08:14 PM

Brand new interface made by our partner, new trailing stop features, update on the semi-auto mode and more

Premium cqs signals
Premium signals for the cqs signals and more trading features
June 7, 2018 05:03 PM

Use the premium signals from Crypto Quality Signals in real time without any limit and more trading features

Binance exchange
Trade now on binance
June 1, 2018 04:25 PM

Binance is now available in the exchange list, use all the trading features and crypto signals from your bot on the most popular exchange.

cqs signals
Crypto Quality Signals, a free signaling service
May 8, 2018 10:28 PM

Everything is implemented to receive the signals instantly on your bot via a system even faster than the traditional API.

Manual trading interface
Interface updated, new features, manual interface and new MH features
March 14, 2018 05:04 PM

Added a lot of requests, timer, more control on mh signal, manual trading, holding system and more trading features

Update Illustration
Manual trading interface presentation
March 14, 2018 05:01 PM

Buy, sell or cancel your orders and your coins at any time,create your holding list and more manual trading features

Update Illustration
Mining-hamster interface updated
March 14, 2018 04:57 PM

As I said on my first post about the mining hamster partnership , this is a long term partnership, and I have a lot of ideas about the integration.

Update Illustration
Subdomain & SSL support available
December 6, 2017 03:14 PM

Just to let you know that you can now access your bot using a subomain protected by an SSL certificat from comodo.

Update Illustration
Discord server
November 6, 2017 04:56 PM

We have created a group for our community on discord. Discuss about bot, strategies and crypto ! Custom support & pre-sales questions .