Manual trading with the coin search page and more

Place your buy and sell orders without signal as you want in a simple way


This new update will help you to make more manual trading by searching for a specific coin, save a specific market, place your buy and sell orders on the old signals and more !

Coin search page

Search for coin link

Using this new page you'll be able to:

  • Search for a specific coin like "BTC" or "LINK" and see all the markets, signals, and trades history for this one only
  • Search on the results for a specific market like "ETH/BTC" on Bittrex or "LINK/USDT" on Kucoin
  • Markets search results

  • Show the signals sent for this coin and search for a market
  • Signals search results

  • Show the trades made with this coin, search in for a market
  • Trades search results

    To finish for this page, you'll be able to save as many markets as you want on the "Saved Market(s)" table to make a quick trade on it, show an comparison between the price and volume from the past 24h and show your recent searches !
    Saved search results

    Sell DCA position on sell signal

    Sell DCA position setting

    You can now select to sell all the orders from your DCA position or not when a sell signal is received. If you select yes, all orders from your DCA position will be cancelled and all the quantity will be placed in one sell orders using current or signal price .

    Others news

  • Signals types added in main page table
  • Added automated market precision for Bittrex
  • General bugfix such as: some percentages not showing in tables, DCA fix for kucoin and more ...
  • What's next (and soon) ?

  • New signals provider to be added next month with one free license , get back here next month for more infos !