Crypto Base Scanner, the emotionless cryptocurrency signals provider

A new signals provider available on all trading bots with some new features.

Hello and Happy new year to everyone ! We start the year with a new signals provider: Crypto Base Scanner´╗┐

crypto base scanner

Trading features summary for the CBS signals:

  • Markets selection
  • Market order for buy orders
  • Use take profit from the signals
  • Success rate selection
  • The % of broken bases that have been respected. Recommended value is at 50%-70%, anything higher and you will ignore most signals, anything lower and you have higher risk

  • Algorithm selection
  • Daytrade is based on 1h charts - most signals, lower % drops, Conservative is based on 2h charts - fewer signals, mid size % drops, Position is based on 4h charts - least signals, higher % drops

  • Stop loss selection
  • + Your general configuration
  • You can find more infos and register for a free month on the official website:

    New feature to select the maximum open orders by provider

    maximum order selection by provider

    New signals view on main page

    Here is a new and clean view on the latest signals:

    crypto signals view

    New wallet view for manual trading

    Clean view on your current wallets

    crypto wallet view

    Thanks all for using Le-Trader, hope you'll like this new update. See you very soon for the next one !