Full DCA support for Crypto Quality Signals

Create your targets, set the quantity, set the maximum number of DCA positions and you're ready !

Hello ! A major update is now available for bittrex and binance: FULL support for DCA strategy on crypto quality signals (cqs signals), A trading feature asked since a long time ..

How is the DCA working on Le-Trader ?

It's so easy! Create your targets, set the quantity, set the maximum number of DCA positions and you're ready ! The targets are the drop percentage you want to trigger for a coin . The quantity is the amount to buy when the target is reached . By buying a coin using the DCA script, you'll create a position. A position include all the orders for the same coin. On the "dca position(s)" block, you can set the maximum number of positions. As always, only by putting your mouse on the tooltip, you'll see all the infos about the DCA scripts!

DCA blocks

See all the DCA infos in your orders list

I made a very cool system to identify all infos about all your currents DCA positions . All DCA orders are identified by a colored circle on your main page, in your orders list. Then, just by putting your mouse on theses circles, you can see in real time all the DCA infos related to a coin , such as:

  • Status of your position (active/inactive)
  • Number of orders
  • Average price
  • The stop loss you're using (CQS or general)
  • Stop loss status (active/inactive)
  • The number of openned positions in the header of the orders list table
  •  DCA infos on orders list

    Don't miss a DCA trades on your trades history and get the current profit/loss percentage for your positions

    All DCA trades are identified by a "(DCA)" symbol on your trades history and the profit/loss percentage on your sell trade is based on all the orders of your position, so you'll always see the correct percentage if you sell only one order, or all the orders from the position.

    Here is an example of some buy made by the DCA script and a stop loss trade that have closed an DCA position:

    DCA history

    How is working the stop loss with the DCA strategy ?

    When you're using the DCA strategy, the stop loss is always using the average buy rate from your position to calculate the loss percentage. So if you have for example, 3 orders in your DCA strategy, the stop loss will use the buy rate from all theses orders to calculate an unique average price for your position. When you hit the stop loss, the full position is closed! The stop loss will reduce the trades fees by cancelling all orders from the position and place only ONE sell order using all the quantity of your position. It is possible to use the CQS stop loss, or the general stop loss, as you want ! When a position is closed, you can see all details in your logs page (how many orders closed, total quantity, ...)

    Full DCA log

    The last point about this new update, but very important, is that all actions made by the DCA is logged on your log page. So you can see when your reach your first target and the percentage, if the action was correctly executed or if something is wrong (no enought money, api issues, ...), when the stop loss hit your position, how many orders cancelled, how many orders placed to liquidate (should always be 1 ), the quantity liquitaded , the stop loss used, ... Everything is logged !

    DCA log

    Additional infos about the DCA strategy:

  • It is possible to stop buying new DCA orders just by stopping the DCA strategy for the current position by clicking on the grey gross in your order list
  • The script is handling coins with low sat value
  • I worked 2 months on this update, with my friend @MisterNauta who answered my questions about the DCA strategy, thanks to him :)
  • New general bot update

    Of course, I worked on the bot to fix some minor issues and to add new useful features, here is a quick list:

  • Removed buy and sell blocks on the manual trading interface, the "EXCHANGE" button is doing the same function, but faster and easier !
  • Improved CSS on manual page for a better handling of your orders
  • Fixed an issue on the manual trading interface where when you sell an order, the quantity is not set on your main trades history
  • Renamed the page "Manual" into "Manual trading"
  • Removed right charts on stats page and CSS approvements
  • Fixed an issue on the timer when sometime you have to add the buy rate manually in your orders list
  • Added a message in your balance block on the binance bots when your BNB balance is low
  • Improved positions of the blocks in your configuration page
  • Changed some trading terms and infos in the tuto to be more easier to understand
  • Improved fast renew block on the main page, renew in 2 clicks
  • Added new logo in anticipation of the future website
  • Improved main balance view on the header
  • Fixed a problem on the manual button in the order list when sometime the order in trailing list was not removed
  • Re-sized the "big" update buttons
  • Re-sized all blocks in the general configuration to be the same, better view on smartphone.
  • Improved coins list in blacklist and whitelist, better style .
  • Hope you'll appreciate :) I'm starting now the next update: A new signaling service for binance and bittrex !