Interface updated, new features, manual interface and new MH features

Added a lot of requests, timer, more control on mh signal and more

Hi:) The new update is now available for all bittrex bot, poloniex bots have to wait one more week . It's a major update, the biggest since the beginning :)

I've added a lot of requests, like : timer, more control on mh signal, enable all tool for each mode (ex: use blacklist/whitelist & the advanced configuration in signal mode), manual interface, more stats, sell view on main page, fixed issues with the date, responsive design,... I'm not going to say any changes, I'll let you discover that, I'll just talk about important changes.


  • Updated design
  • New tools/settings
  • New interface: Simple & easy manual trading with holding system & buy/sell with conditions (price,date)
  • Updated design & new tools/settings for Mining Hamster
  • Updated design

    The design is now responsive (as much as possible :P ), I tried and it work well on my smartphone for all pages. I removed the old dashboard to the right and added a simple block in the header to check all infos about your page, same as the old dashboard. This block is refreshed every min .

    I've added a simple horizontal menu to have a simple access to all pages

    I've also changed the design for all pages to be more easy and fast and added a automated refresh in the main page :)

    Others pages (renew,cagnotte,error log,bittrex ,...) are similars

    New tools/settings

    It is now possible to use the whitelist in the default & signal mode. Exemple of a config that you can do now: (easy config)
    Use a whitelist in default mode, and trade only with the coins in the list, by best, low or custom volumes (general function of the default mode + wihtelist) using the "temp blacklist" to trade only if the price is smaler than your last trade and reset the status of a coin after x hours .

    Another example with an advanced config using mining hamster :
    Buy a signal only if he is not in your blacklist ,OR, if he is in your whitelist , if the difference is greater/smaller that what you want (compare the signal price with the bid/ask/last before buying), check if the current price for this coin is smaller than your last trade , place your order with the signal price if you want , and finally, use a timer to cancel an order not filed after x min.
    Hope you got it :)

    The timer will cancel your order if is not filed after x min, if you have some "dust" after the cancellation, the bot will sell it at the current price , using bid. You can check all trades cancelled by your timer in your logs history .

    Others tools added in tool page

  • Select your minimum/maximum amounts for all orders in FIAT or BTC
  • Use your stop-loss when the bot is turned off
  • New interface: Simple and easy manual trading with holding system & buy/sell with conditions (price,date)
  • Updated design and new tools/settings for the MH interface
  • Others changes

  • Added pages: Cagnotte,Renewal,Error
  • You can now add your buy rates for your manual orders (when you see "n/a")
  • Buy/sell view on main page
  • Updated the stats page : more info about all trades (buy/sell , volume) , search between two dates, buy/sell view in search results
  • Added header block to see a summary of all your pending actions, holding, and dedicated amounts
  • I think I did not say everything, but I let you discover this new update , hope you'll like it !

    Next step:

  • Poloniex update ~1 week
  • Binance integration ~3/4 weeks
  • Trailing stop ~ 1/2 months
  • Full "calling system " ~ 2/3 months
  • Thanks @dukester & @hardstyles for the Le-Trader logo & the german translation

    Thanks to all to support my project :)