Mining-hamster interface updated

The mining hamster integration & interface have been updated

Mining Hamster interface

Hi. The mining hamster integration & interface have been updated´╗┐ (only for bittrex, poloniex in one week) As I said on my first post about the mining hamster partnership , this is a long term partnership, and I had a lot of ideas about the integration.´╗┐ Now , 2 months later, if think i've done all what i want and i'm very proud of the result and the number of users using mining hamster.

Many users asked to buy a signal with the signal price and to have more control , it's now possible :) It's also possible to use the mh interface with your bot turned on

New trading tools added & fix

  • IMPORTANT the orders made with the MH interface will not count with your total opens orders (you'll see (+1) in your header)
  • Added function to place orders with signal prices (and so, possibe to use the new Timer function with)
  • Added function "Ignore if % difference is greater/smaller than x%" use bid/ask/last to compare
  • Added current price when the signal appear using your value (ask/bid/last) to compare in the automated integration
  • Added new status : "ignored" , "blacklisted" (and "bought" in the automated integration to see if a signal is bought, or just "viewved")
  • Added orange color to identify the orders made with the MH interface in your main page & header
  • Updated design (responsive & more stable)
  • Added the possibility to trade with a *inteligent/dynamique* dedicated amount ONLY for the MH interface (MH Bank)
  • Added "buymode" option to buy only a specific mode
  • Fixed blacklist
  • Fixed wrong status after you bought a coin using the autobuy or the buy button: Now, all orders made with the mh interface are added to a new database with all info. A external script check every minutes the status of your order(buy/sell) and update the the status of your orders and do all actions required (updating settings, deduct/add btc to your dedicated amout) + My "general checking script" check also the order made with the mh interface to be sure all is ok with the status.
  • Now if you cancel a buy order not filed, and if you have 0 quantity for this order, the order is deleted from your table. If you have more than 0 quantity, the status will change to "Available" and your quantity will be updated , and so, you'll be able to sell the correct quantity for this order.
  • Fixed wrong price & double adding in your coin bought history
  • Added refresh button to refresh the current loop in the licence page (click and wait 10 sec, then you'll see "done")
  • Added funny image when the licence is disabled :D
  • Fixed licence checker at midnight
  • If you use the automated integration, you can use all your general settings and advanced configs (blacklist, whitelist , temp blacklist to check the status of your last trade , timer)