New interface for multiple exchanges & more features

Bittrex and binance on the same bot, bittrex APIv3 & more ...

Hi !
A new and major update is now available. By this occasion , I changed the bot name to: Le-Trader (The-Trader) .

Trade on bittrex and binance using the same bot

I'm proud to say that you can now trade the crypto signals on both bittrex and binance in the same bot/interface !

Brand new interface

The best of this update, is this new and beautiful interface for the bots. It was designed to work on both computers and mobiles devices and for multiple exchanges. Currently only two are available but more are coming !

Dark theme:Le-Trader dark interface

Light theme: Le-Trader light interface If you want to see more screens, let's discover the new interface .

Others changes

A lot of new changes was made, here is a quick summary
  • Support for the Bittrex APIv3 (20%/30% faster and you'll see it !)
  • Support for bittrex market order
  • Support for the bittrex credits
  • Updated "Trade again feature" to work with both bittrex and binance at the same time and then prevent to buy the same signal on different exchanges
  • New balances chart in the dasboard and stats page
  • New markets chart on the dashboard
  • New toggle menu for the actions in the open orders tables
  • New signals page to see all signals from all providers with small config
  • New "minimum trading price" feature
  • New page for the bittrex credits
  • Light and dark mode
  • New logo
  • That's only for the most important.
    So, I worked more than 2 months solo on this one,I really hope that you'll like it . I think that this new interface will make Le-trader one of the most easy and powerful crypto trading bot.
    As you maybe know, I'm alone on this project since 4 years now, and I'll really appreciate if you share the new url of this website, this will help me to be more popular as I have no marketing plan .

    That's all ! Join the discord or contact me if you have any question and come back in 1 or 2 months to see the next update that will include a new signals provider !