New trading interface, Trailing Stop, Semi-auto mode and more

Brand new interface, new trading features, update on the semi-auto mode and more

Hello . The long awaited 1 year update is now available for everyone :) As you can see, it's a major update, the biggest since I started Le-Trader, one year ago.

Brand New interface:

(template by @dukester from mining hamster)

Trading configuration Trading interface main page Manual trading page

Trailing Profit

The bot can follow a price that going up with this mode, using the dynamic values of your Level Down and Level Up the bot will create multiples ZONES

Trailing Stop

Two modes available for the trailing stop:
  • High since order & percentage The bot will always take for reference the Highest Price since you placed the order, if the difference between the Highest Price and the current rate is more than your percentage, the bot will sell the order. The Highest Price is updated on each Highest Price Hit.
  • High since date & percentage Same as High since order & percentage, but the bot will use the price based on your duration to calculate the difference (ex: the price from 12 hours ago)
  • Configuration

    Trailing stop configuration

    Real time view in main page

    Trailing stop view on main page

    Logs in log page

    Trailing stop view on main page

    Full tuto available on your interface, with all info about the zones & level. Tooltip also available on config page .

    Semi-auto trading mode

    Like the old mode "MH interface" (standalone mode with dedicated config, buy/sell buttons,...) , now available for all signals providers and in your main page , easy switch on your config page, use the automated and semi-auto mode at the same time for different providers . Trailing stop view on main page

    Multiple signals providers at the same time:

    You can now run all signals providers at the same time, using trailing , autosell or the new semi auto mode

    Custom signal URL (Your signal)

    I created a very easy API "like" system to use your own signals on Le-Trader. You can send a signal to the bot with a simple GET command, or use the bot to check your custom URL . You can customize your API keys (exchanges, signals prices, markets) , select the refresh rate in case of the bot check your URL.

    Search for a coin in the manual trading page (Tinybox)

    I added a simple box to search for any coins in your manual page. You can check the currents prices, the volumes , the high/low ... You can also buy a coin with only ONE click using this tiny box.

    Trailing stop view on main page

    Others changes

    Main page:
  • Added two blocks to check some infos about your general and daily stats (volume, trade, profit,...)
  • Added tiny chart to compare your daily profit to the past days.
  • Added signal block to check the last signals and the status of your config (Auto,semi-auto,off)
  • Trade history:
  • Added profit view on sell trades
  • Opens orders list:
  • Added one click sell/cancel buttons
  • In case of you're not using the trailing mode, you can now edit your orders (change the sell rates & amounts)
  • Added panic sell button with one confirmation, after clicking on the confirmation, all orders will be sold .
  • Configuration page:
  • Removed API keys from config page and added to a dedicated page
  • Removed interface configuration and added to a dedicated page
  • Added tooltip for all trading features, put your mouse on the info button to show all infos about the features
  • Added cool notif on update ...
  • Loss control:
  • Select now the price you want to use, between last,ask & bid.
  • Timer:
  • Now when your order is cancelled and if you have enought quantity to trade, the bot will continue the action (add coin to trailing or place sell order using your autosell)
  • Blacklist/Whitelist
  • Remove your coin from your blacklist/whitelist in your click.
  • Signal:
  • Added "Cancelled" status .
  • Stats page: 
  • You can now export your history as .csv
  • Tutorial:
  • Added dynamic tutorial for your first run
  • Logs:
  • Added timer & loss control logs in this page
  • What's next ? Before the end of this month I'll add the following features:

  • Stop loss value for CQS
  • Another signals provider, I'll give you more infos in a new thread soon
  • My work on the bot is not finished, I've already a lot of ideas, some of theses:

  • Add a new exchange
  • Enable trading on others markets (ETH,BNB,...)
  • Add Trading view signal support
  • Add new submodes to the trailing script
  • You can also make your suggestions :)

    That's all :)  Hope you'll like it, I worked about 2 months on this update . Big thanks to all beta testers , realy helped my during this update. Thanks all for using Le-Trader