Percentages, timezone, colors, date fix and more

See your current profit/loss percentage in all the tables from your main page,change your timezone and more on the bot interface

Hi :) I've just updated all bots to fix some littles issues:


Now your pourcentage start at 0% not (-x % to your buy rate ). So if you sell at +5% when you see +5% on your opens orders list, you're in your sell rate. If you see 0% the buy rate and current rate are the same :) It makes more sense...

Color infos

  • When you're in profit , the color of percentages will be green.
  • 0.01% to -14.99% , orange.
  • 15% and more, red.
  • Others changes

  • Fixed wrong dates in your bittrex page
  • Fixed timezone issue in trade history
  • Added new column "buy rate"