Premium support for the cqs signals and more trading features

Use the premium signals from crypto quality signals

Hi :) I just updated all bots to work with the CQS premium signals. For all currents users: You have to uncheck/recheck the "Automatic" checkbox to continue to use CSQ on your bot.

To use Crypto Quality Signals Premium on Le-Trader, you first need to subscribe to premium services at the following URL: CQS premium

After creating your account, you should choose one of the plans with Le-Trader support, which can be:

  • CryptoPHP
  • Telegram + CryptoPHP
  • After choosing your plan, you will be able to pay for your subscription. As soon your subscription is active, you will see your subscription card with your subscription ID. This subscription ID will act as your license code to activate your premium license on Le-Trader:

    CQS license

    Then, on your bot, open your licence page (Menu > Signals > Crypto Quality Signal) and insert your licence key :

    CQS license on the bot

    That's all ! Now you can get all premium signals from CQS in real time !

    CQS signals page

    If you need more info or if you have a question, join the discord channel #crypto-quality-signals or contact us