Trade on the altcoins markets

Trade now on the most popular altcoins markets on binance and bittrex´╗┐

Hi ! I'm very excited to announce that Le-Trader is now supporting ALTS markets :) To all currents users, please do a CTRL+F5 on your interface. The following markets are now available for trading:

  • Binance: BTC,ETH,BNB,USDT
  • Bittrex: BTC,ETH,USD,USDT
  • This will include some major change on Le-Trader , see the following:
    (Please note that I used a little amount to test all features on my "dev bot"t, but of course it will work with a larger amount)

    Main & secondary balances

    Bitcoin and altcoins balances

    Main Balance:
    Your Main Balance is in Bitcoin (BTC) , everything on your wallet is converted to BTC and added to your main balance. The Main Balance is visible on all pages and on your homepage in the BALANCES (BTC & ALTS MARKETS) block

    Secondary Balances:
    Secondary balances are the balances on different markets, so you can see your profits / losses on different markets in addition to the main balance. Secondary balances include the amount of base pairs + all opens orders linked to theses pairs. Secondary balances are visible from your home page in the BALANCES (BTC & ALTS MARKETS) block. Example of secondary balance: - The first balance (BTC) include all the orders on the BTC market (ex: BTC-LTC, BTC-WAVES, ...) + all your BTC available on your wallet (unlike the main balance which is also in BTC, this secondary balance does not include others markets) - The second balance (ETH) include all the orders on the ETH market (ex: ETH-LTC, ETH-WAVES, ...) + all your ETH available on your wallet

    References amounts:
    Insert a reference amount for each markets to see your profit/loss on your balances. It's also possible to update theses amounts by clicking on the update icon in the BALANCES (BTC & ALTS MARKETS) block on your home page.

    Easy ALTS trading using Mining Hamster and Crypto Quality Signals

    Markets selection

    Trading amounts for all markets on your configuration page (removed minimum and maximum)

    Trading amount selection

    Easy FIAT and BASE MARKET values on tables (trade history, open orders, trailing , ...)

    Altcoin markets history

    Save BNB function for BINANCE

    Save BNB coin function

    Manual: Select the pair to place your order

    Manual page placing order

    Manual: Easy Exchange between markets

    Exchange between markets

    Manual: Add to trailing

    Add coin to trailing

    Brand new step by step tutorial with introduction and updated tooltips:

    Add coin to trailing

    I updated the interface to be easier than ever, for this, I removed the following pages:
  • Lab
  • /Exchange
  • And also removed the following (and useless) features :
  • Semi auto mode
  • Signal maker
  • Custom signals
  • No more confusion between the signals modes or the trading amounts . Everything is much easier to use . Hope you'll like it ! :)