Real time trading for the trading view alert

Control your trading bot using your trading view alerts


You may want to use le-trader but doesn't want to use one of our signals providers ?
Imagine choosing when to buy, when to sell, using your own signals, your own charts and your own strategies ...
It now possible on our crypto trading bot, because a new feature has just been added, the trading view alerts !

Connect tradingview to le-trader via webhook

Using the super fast webhook features from trading view, you are now able to send your alerts in your trading bot and trade them without any delay or limit !
  • Create a normal alert on trading view, and select webhook as method, and insert the url that you can find on your bot
  • Create a valid json formatted message, example:
    {"userid": "YOUR_USER_ID","market": "BTC-WAVES","exchange": "binance","action": "buy","tp": "5","price": "0.01","sl": "20","signalid": "xxxxx"}
  • There is 9 values, only 4 are required, others are optional:

  • userid: (required) Your user id from the tradingview config page
  • market: (required) the pair to trigger the order (always base market first like: BTC-WAVES and not WAVES-BTC, same format for all exchanges)
  • exchange: (required) the exchange to trade on
  • action: (required) buy for buy signals, sell for sell signals
  • tp: the take profit value to use on a buy signals, as percentage
  • price: the price to use on the signals, can be sent by trading view on the alert, if not, will be generated by your bot
  • sl: the stop loss value to use for a buy signal
  • signalid: Send the same id for both buy and sell signals to create a link between them (max 20 alphanumeric characters)
  • To make life easier, there is a json example on your trading view configuration that you can edit as you want.
    JSON formatted message example

    Once ready, just copy/past it on the message input on trading view !
    Trading view alerts example
    In this example, this will create an alert and trigger a buy order on your bot. I used only the 4 required values, others values such as stop loss and take profit will be the ones that you have set in your general bot configuration.

    Start trading your alerts now and for free !

    Don't need to wait or to pay a trading view license, Try now trading view for free ! and start trading your alerts !
    Hope you'll like it ! Please contact us if you have any suggestion for the trading view integration !