Trailing stop update

Simple but powerful trailing stop added

Trailing stop

A trailing stop is now available on Le-trader and it's so easy to use it !

Trailing stop setting

Trailing Stop has a Min. profit that follows market price at a specified Distance when the price is moving up, but remains in place when the price moves in the opposite direction. So if you set 3% as Min. profit with a Distance at -1%, once your orders profit reach 3%, the trailing stop will monitor your orders and as soon as the price drop 1%, your orders will be sold using the current price .

Can I use both stop loss and trailing stop at the same time ?
Yes, if the trailing stop doesnt work for your orders, the stop loss will close and sold your orders using your stop loss percentage (6% in the example) .
That so simple but so powerful !

Stop loss view on the open orders list

Now, you can see the stop loss rate on your open orders list . If you use the trailing stop, the stop loss will be updated in real time based on the highest rate since you placed the order .

Stop loss view on the open orders list

Trailing stop logs

See the complete logs about the trailing stop in your logs page . For example, the highest rate and the loss percentage based on it, and see the general profit or loss for the order .

Trailing stop loss logs

I'm sure that the new trailing stop will help you to make better profits !
See you soon for the next update !