Whitelist mode, instant buy/sell, max amount per order and more

Specifiy the coins you want to trade with, instant buy/sell and more features

Hi :) I've updated all bot on Poloniex and Bittrex. New features:

  • New features: Whitelist
  • Now you can specifiy the coins you want to trade with´╗┐, just switch to this mode and create your withelist. The 1st time you use this mode, stop your bot before, because you need to create your whitelist first. Same as the blacklist, very easy to add/remove coin:
  • Maximum amount to make a order
  • Same as the minimum amount setting, you can specify the maximum amount for each order:
  • Instant BUY/SELL from the manual trading interface
  • If you want, you can now buy/sell your coins and orders from your manual interface The button is disabled 5 seconds after your actuib.
  • Added button to remove coins from blacklist
  • Fixed bug on bittrex when the bot buy the same coin when you have 2/3 opens orders
  • Fixed blacklist issues on Poloniex
  • Fixed dates issues in history and logs
  • Added max order setting in dashboard view on main page (ex: 18/20)
  • Changed apisecret input to password input
  • Fixed issue when sometime the btc amount doesnt appear correctly in your trade history
  • Fixed Loss control when sometime it doesnt work on Bittrex
  • New main page
  • New configuration page
  • Hope you like the new design and the new features :)