Trading Features

Details about the settings and features of our trading bot

Trailing Stop
Set your trailing and distance and let the bot follow the price, sell as soon as it drop, according to your values
Complete DCA management. Set the targets, the quantity and let the bot make a better average price !
Select the exchanges you want to trade on, and hide the others
Set a independant amount for each currency
Open order(s)
Set the number of open orders that can be opened at a same time
Select the markets you want to trade on
Take profit
Set your take profit percentage and the orders will be placed in advance
Stop loss
Set your stop loss percentage and sell your order according to your value when the price is falling
Set a timer to cancel your non-filled buy orders after a certain time and keep buying new signals
Order expiration
To cancel, or cancel & sell your sell orders after a certain time
Stop buy
Prevent the bot to place new buy order after a count of the stop loss hits in a specified duration
Trade again
Prevent the bot from buying the same pair before a certain duration
Min. trading price
Set a minimum trading price to prevent the bot to buy a signal with a low price
Min. volume
Set a minimum base currency volume to prevent the bot to buy a signal with a low volume
Market order
To buy a signal and sell your order with the stop loss at market price
Prevent the bot to buy the pairs in your blacklist. Compatible with (*) wildcard
Prevent the bot to buy the pairs who are not in your whitelist. Compatible with (*) wildcard
Delay a buy signal and watch for a price drop in a specified duration before placing your buy order
Trading View ready
Our bot is ready to receive your trading view alert using the webhook method !

We are adding new settings and features with new updates, keep coming back to see what's new !