Crypto Trading Strategies Configuration

Our crypto trading bot is providing the most popular trading features to make your own strategy in your configuration pages

General configuration

A general configuration is available with a lot of trading features, it is the same configuration for all signals providers available on our crypto trading bot. Features can be updated without any reboot and are instantly applied to the bot. There is no chance to make an mistake by using your configuration

Additional signals configuration

Once your general configuration is ready, it's time to open the signal page in your bot, and to choose to use or to not use the features from your signal providers. Our trading bot is fully handling all features from the signals providers, such as sell signals for Mining-Hamster or all the datas provided in the Crypto Quality Signals (Terms, Risks, Targets, ...)

Manual trading interface

By using one of our automated modes, it is possible to use the manual trading interface to manage your funds in real time .

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