Trading Features

The best trading features are available on our powerful trading bot

Take profit

To automatically place your sell orders

This feature allows you to place your sell orders using a fixed price. Just enter your percentage in the take profit block and the order will be placed in advance. Easy !

Trailing stop

To place your orders at the best time

Choose a sell zone and a drop percentage, when your order reach your zone and drop according to your percentage, the bot will place the orders

Amount for trading

Select your trading amount for all markets

You can choose a amount for all crypto markets (ETH, BTC, BNB, ...).


To make your average rate better

Set the targets, the quantity and the maximum number of openned DCA position and let the bot make a better average price !


Buy the same coin with a lower price

Buy the same coin with a lower price on a Scalping signal type . This will cancel your current order and place a new one with all the quantity of the past orders. 100% Automated


For non-filed buy order/ Deadline for sell orers

Use your timer to cancel a buy order not executed after a certain duration or select a deadline for your sell orders

Stop loss

To savz your losses

You can automatically sell a coin if the price reaches your stop loss percentage. If you want to sell a coin when the price drops by 3%, enter 3 as the value. Simple !

Open orders limit

Max simultaneously open orders

Select the maximum opens orders . Once this number is reached, the bot will wait for a open slot to trade again.

Price check before buying

Check price from last trade

Check the buy rate before buying the same coin, if the rate is lower than the last trade, the coin will be ignored.

Don't trade again

Trade the same coin only after x duration

Allow trading the same pair only after x hour(s)


To trade only the coin in your list

If you use your whitelist, the bot will only trade the coin present in this list, all the others will be ignored


To not trade the coin in your list

All coins in this list will be ignored, the bot will never open a order for theses ones.

Low satoshi protection

Protection for low price pair

Select a minimum price to prevent trading on low price pairs

Stop buy based on stop loss count

To stop trading after a certain stop loss hit

Count stop loss hits in a specified duration to trigger the stopbuy function.

+ Signals providers features

A additional configuration for your crypto signals providers

Use the features from your signals providers such as: stop loss value, sell targets, sell signals and more ...

Our crypto trading bot is also providing the following services

Manual trading

A dedicated page where you can perform manual actions such as: buy/sell/cancel your orders, create a holding list, exchange your coin between all markets in 2 clicks, add a coin to the trailing stop script and more.

Full and simple logs

To keep your eyes on your crypto trading bot activity, all actions and errors are logged into a dedicated page. See all the details about the signals , the trailing script, the stop loss, timer and more ...

Interface configuration

Set your own interface settings on your trading bot interface: username, language, fiat, timezone, reference amount to see your profit/loss in real time, select the number of trades in your history and more ...

The last part from our bot.

Discord server

To discuss about the bots, trading strategies or to get community or official support, join our discord server, everyone is free to talk !

Signals stats

We are providing full and intelligents stats about the signals providers available on our crypto trading bot to make a comparison and choose the better one ! We're using the providers features such as take profit values, target 1(CQS) and sell signals(MH) to create a realistic and fair percentage .

Customer Support

Free support by email, support ticket or discord, no premium support !

We provide a active developement

Since 2017, our crypto trading bot provide a active development, new features are based on users suggestions and founder ideas.