Automated crypto trading bot with crypto signals

Automated trading on the most popular exchanges with our crypto signals and your trading view alerts in a simple interface.

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The automated trading bot with crypto signals

With our bot, you can trade our crypto signals without any delay using your own configuration made with our powerful settings.

The bot is hosted on a dedicated server and ready to use when you loggin for the first time, just connect your apikeys from your favourite exchange.

Free crypto signals included, exclusive to our crypto trading bot
Most popular trading tools, DCA management, manual trading
Clean & simple interface, notifications & logs
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Why Us?

So much work that we've made with passions

It's Easy To Start
After ordering your bot, you get the login details by email and connect using an simple https adress, no installation, no delay
Fast & optimized
It take less than one second to execute a buy & sell orders based on the signals from your provider
Le-Trader Signals
We generate our own crypto signals with our algorithm, and it's free to use with our bot
Popular Trading Tools
Stop loss, trailing stop, timer, take profit, blacklist ... 30+ of the most populars settings are available
Custom DCA Management
We created our own DCA management where your can get all the infos about your position in one click and update your settings
Active Support & Developement
The passion for our work is reflected in the details brought to the bot, you will enjoy discovering them all


Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in different ways

Crypto signals

We provide our own crypto signals, for all exchanges and all markets

See the Signals
Trading view

Our crypto trading bot is ready to receive your best trading view alert

Video: How to connect Trading View ?
Manual trading

You can trade in a manual way on your bot, place buy and sell orders, cancel and open new DCA positions


Frequently Asked Questions

The price is only €12 / month. That include the bot, Le-Trader Signals and others free signals .

Using paypal, it take less than 5 minutes. Using a crypto payment, it take approximately 1 hour or less to get the login details to your email .

There is no free license or trial version, however, by using paypal we guarantee a refund up to 14 days after your purchase if you are not satisfied .

It depend of your exchange, but in general it is less than $10 per order .

After your payment, you'll receive the login detail of your bot (URL, username and password) by email .

Yes ! Our servers are secured in a private cloud, the connection between your device and the bot is secured by a SSL certificat, and finally, your apikeys are stored and safely encrypted into the bot database .

Nop. The bot is already installed and ready to use once you get it, just go to the url and insert your login and username. The bot is running on a server, so you can close the page of your bot and the activity will continue .

That's 100% correct ! And many more ... Awesome, no ?

Thanks for your interest, please open the order page .

    Here is, the website dedicated to the crypto trading bot: Le-Trader.
    Using the bot, you can trade the best crypto signals on your favourite exchange in the same interface and simultaneously ! Easy, no ?
    As you seems lost, you should check our discover page .