About le-trader.com

The idea

Le-Trader was created by only one person, BYLINA Jeffrey, aka "BiLLY". The very first time, the bot was only for personal use and the only exchange available was Poloniex. There was no web interface, the only way to control it was to use a shell on a linux server. After a few weeks of developement, an web interface was created, only the exchange ouput in json format was available .

We are now in September 2017, one month after the creation of the trading bot. Showing all the time BiLLY on the computer her friends was interested about the bot, then , a correct web interface was created with one goal: Make the crypto trading handling easy for a newcomer without any knowledge about crypto trading.

First succes and website creation

After one month of updates for the friends, encouraged by theses ones, BiLLY created a tiny website with a forum and posted the link on the bitcointalk forum without any hope of interest or success, and then go sleeping...

On the morning, BiLLY openned the website and checked the activity during the night on the website and the bitcointalk thread, he was surprised to see a major activity on both website and thread. A lot of questions and interest.

Then, BiLLY continued to update the bot based on the users suggestion and idea for a full month.

Only after 3 months from the launch, BiLLY was overworked by all the demand for the trading bot, getting more than 25 new cutomers per days during 2 months with no automated installation script... At the same time the new features continued to be added and people asked on the froum "When the bot will be available ?" This was one of the the most heavy period in her life.

Partnership and massive bot update

After the heavy period, the situation was stabilized, automated scripts helped BiLLY to handle the massive hype on her bot. During this period, Le-Trader have started the first partnership with mining-hamster and the other crypto signals. BiLLY worked hard an half of year to update the bot based on users suggestions, at this time, one update was published per months.

Company launch

We are now in september 2019, 2 years after the project was started. A Company related to the trading bot was created by BiLLY and a brand new website was released. BiLLY is always the only person who are working on the bot and continues to work hard every day, his new goal is simple:
To be the most easy and powerful crypto trading bot.

Thanks for reading! If you want to contact me, please use the contact page .

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