Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy are related to all our internal products and your website . This privacy policy is based on France and European laws and can be updated. By using our site or product, you agreed with this privacy policy .

Personal data collect

We are only collecting your email and your ip on the order process, there is no more data collection on your website or on your products. We're using google analytics to track visitor only on your website to improve the website ranking on google and the general user experience, we're not responsible about the google data collections. Anyway, theses datas are always anonymous.

Product log

We are loggin actions on your crypto trading bot only to prevent any problem. The datas collected are related to your trading activity on the trading bot and are deleted on the ending of your licenses. The data logged can be related to a script action on your trading bot interface, or related to a response from the exchange website. Anyway, the trading bot cannot outperfom the permission and the action set on your exchange website. An example of a defined exchange website is .


Our website is not collecting private cookies, user will be notified if the website is using cookie in the future. Our web browser can collect your username and password on your bot interface , you're free to not store theses info into your computer.

Informations protection

We protect your datas on your internal database, the personnal datas are only email and ip. We adopt the best security measures to protect theses datas. We also protect the link between your computer and your trading bot by using a trusted SSL support

External services

By using our product, it is possible to use multiple external services . There is no data collection on theses external services on our trading bot, only your license key from the external service is shared on your trading bot to check the validity of your license. We're not sending any others datas and we are not responsible about the privacy policy included on theses external services, that include website, discussions channels and other third party used on the external products.

If you think that the terms and condtions are not respecting the European or French laws, or are not acceptable in your country, please contact us

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