Full DCA support for all providers

A new manual and automated dca feature for all signals providers

Hello ! A brand new update is now available on le-trader. You can now create and manage your own DCA strategy with a lot of useful features !

Automated DCA strategy

Using your general configuration, it is now possible to create your own DCA targets ! Once created, the DCA will work for all signals providers. Up to 20 targets ! Here is a screen of this simple new DCA configuration :

General DCA configuration

Manual DCA management

On all new position openned, your dca configuration will be copied into a temporaly configuration, then you'll be able to manage your DCA strategy, for all positions, with a unique configuration without editing your general DCA configuration ! To manage your DCA strategy in real time, just use the action menu in your open orders list, and click on "Manage DCA", the following page will popup:

Manual DCA management

Manual DCA management summary
  • Position summary
  • To see all the infos related to your dca strategy for a position, avg profit/loss, signal provider, exchange, base quantity, dca status, stop loss and more ...
  • Sell position
  • Cancel all orders and sell all the quantity using one order and the current rate.
  • Open order(s)
  • All orders included in your position .
  • Create new order
  • Create a new order (buy + sell order placing once buy order filed) at any time, without any restriction and without any configuration, only 3 input: quantity (as percentage of the base quantity), rate (write ask,bid,last to generate the rate on the last time, or insert your own digit price) and take profit . Request the current rates in real time in one click before submitting your order if you want .
  • Stop loss
  • The stop loss from your general configuration or a signals provider, copied when the position was openned, edit it at any time. The stop loss use the avg buy rate as reference.
  • Targets
  • Same box as your general DCA configuration, but with the copied targets only for this position. Create, remove or edit your targets as you want, at any time !

    Open a position based on a current open order

    It is possible to create a new position at any time using the action menu on your open orders list, just click on "Create DCA". It is useful if you have your general DCA configuration disabled and want to try to DCA on a specific order .

    Manual DCA management

    As you can see, I made a complete DCA script that will help you to make better profit on a coin dump. I tried to make it the more customizable as possible without making it hard to use. All detailed infos are available on your bot , just by cliking on a tooltip, or by reading the DCA part on the tutorial .

    Others changes

  • Select the take profit by market
  • Take profit selection by market

  • Signals providers logo in all tables
  • Provider logo in all tables

  • Most traded provider stats on the dashboard
  • Most traded provider stats

    End of this new update! Next update, new signal provider ! Have a good day .