Free Scalping signals from Crypto Quality Signals, and new trading features

Volume selection, amount per signal providers and more .

Hello everyone ! Based on your suggestions, a new update is now available for the binance and bittrex bots.

CQS scalping

CQS scalping block on le-trader

Scalping signals are issued more frequently, sometimes more than 100 signals per day. They aim for small profit target (between 1% and 1.5%) and they are normally traded without stop loss, but using DCA instead. The signals are 100% free, you can choose to trade the scalping signals with the others free and premium ones, or just trade the scalping ones .

Volume selection for the signals

Volume selection for the crypto signals

Trade only the pairs with a volume greater than your selected volume. Select the volume for all the signals providers and all the trading markets available.

Select the amount for each signals providers and use percentage

Dedicated amount for the signals

Same as the amount in the general configuration, but dedicated to the signals providers. It is possible to set a percentage by adding a % at the end of your value on your general config or the signals config.

Multiple algorithms selection for Crypto Base Scanner

CBS algorithm selection

You can now select more than one algorithm on your config page related to CBS.

That's all for this update. I'm currently working with a new signal provider, to be added very soon !