Kernel update and new features

Compatibility with all the markets from the 3 exchanges, kernel update and more .


A new update that include some new settings/features, an better view on your profit/loss and an awesome kernel update from the VPSs .

Kernel update

I updated the kernel from the VPSs, in result your bot will be 20/30% faster ! That include a faster action on the signals, stop loss, timer and all the features available on your bot.

Compatibility with all the markets

Compatibility with all the markets Minimim trading price by market

Now, you can trade on all the markets (more than 40!) from the 3 exchanges ! You can select the markets for the most important settings such as take profit, minimum trading price and more !

USDT balances & charts

Before this update, your main balance was in BTC, same for your dashboard charts . Now, you can selected between USDT & BTC ! So all your balances will be converted into USDT or BTC to have a clear view on your profit/loss. Change it at any time without any delay !

USDT charts

Open orders ordering

To have a better view on your open orders table, you can now order your open orders by market, price, value, or whatever you want !

Open orders ordering

Base value profit/loss

On your trade history, see now your base profit profit/loss (+ 0.0001 BTC, + 60 USDT, ...) for all of your trades !

Base value profit in trade history

Hide unwanted markets

Because there are now a lot of markets, you can now hide as many as markets as you want, then, theses markets will be hidden on all settings and signals

Hidden markets

Take profit by signals providers

You can now select a different take profit value for all the providers .

Hope you'll like this new update . As always since 4 years, I'll continue my work on the bot to make it better and faster like never :)