Frequently Asked Questions

After your payment, you'll receive the url and your login details by email and you'll be able to access your bot using a web browser 24x7 in both computers or mobiles devices .

Login details are sent in less than 5 mins if you use paypal, max 3 hours using cryptos. It it possible to have a delay of 12 hours if bots are out of stock .

The price is 12€ per month and there is no engagement, you can cancel your license at any time without any fee .

Accepted payment methods: Paypal, USDT(ERC-20), Bitcoin, Ethereum and Waves .

There is no free or trial version but by using paypal you have a 14 days money back guarantee .

Yes, one bot and you can trade on the 3 exchanges availables: binance, bittrex and kucoin .

No installation or servers are required, your bot is ready to use once you get it. Access it by using the link on your email and start your configuration .

Yes, you can use the free signals from crypto quality signal and hirn signals, more free signals will be added soon .

There is no limit on your bot, open more than 100 orders if you want, buy 60 signals per minute, as you want ! A VPS is dedicated to your bot .